My first Vegan Christmas

This Christmas I managed to get all my presents bought and everything organised well in advance in an attempt to enjoy a stress free festive period. The tree was bought, the decorations out and the shopping done. But unfortunately, whilst patting myself on the back for having successfully navigated through the big day build up relatively stress free, I was suddenly overcome with a sinking feeling (familiar to Blondies like me!) that happens with the dawning of the realisation that you have totally forgotten about something critical! Continua a leggere

Chapter 3: “ Are Vegans like the Jehovah’s witnesses of the diet world ?”

When one takes on dietary disciplines, one quickly realizes how much eating food is a social activity. I have come to enjoy shopping and cooking for myself, comfortable in the belief that it was making sense for me, mainly for the reasons of good health and optimising vitality but also, with that, came the additional benefits of an increased sense of morality and the feeling that, in some small way, I was helping the world and becoming a better person as a result. Maybe it’s because I am a ‘newbie’ to the health food revolution or maybe because I am actually the stereotypical dumb blondie but I quickly found out that society is full of people who feel threatened by, and indeed, are ready and eager to challenge the foundation of my choices… So why is this? Continua a leggere

Chapter two; one month later


So, its been 30 days since the Blondie Experiment began and due to my total lack of knowledge previously on how/where/what to buy/cook to nourish and sustain myself in a new and unfamiliar world, some of you might be surprised that I’m still here and feel optimistic enough to feel able to continue on this journey. As I already suspected, changing the habits of a lifetime is not so easy and requires a continuous conscious effort and I remind myself to be patient until the time comes when all these new choices become habit themselves. I have succeeded in some areas, failed in others, both abstained from and given into temptation, discovered many new foods I didn’t know and discarded many others I’ve always known, but I am slowly becoming more confident and comfortable with the restrictions that this experiment requires. Continua a leggere

Chapter one; The Blondie Experiment

[:it]Welcome to the Blondie Experiment! All my life, I have been an Omnivore.  I have always eaten whatever tasted good to my palette with little consideration for the complex relationship between what goes in and what comes out with regards to my physical and mental well being. As I begin this journey, I am optimistic about the benefits to my general health that adopting a Wholefoods, Plant Based Diet will offer but I also know the habits of a lifetime will be hard to break, and the challenges and obstacles ahead will be many. But first, perhaps a short explanation of what put me on this path…

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