Chapter 4 : A vegan hangover

There seems to be a common misconception that vegans, by virtue of their dietary choices, only ingest what is healthy and beneficial to their bodies. While this may be true most of the time, what happens when one wakes up to “banging head and churning stomach” as a result of having had too much fun the night before?

I’ve read that there is scientific reasons why a Vegan would feel a hangover more severely than others, but as Science is not this Blondie’s strong point, I will refer to a simple survey from a Nation so experienced in dealing with the after effects of a night of over indulgence: Ireland .


These findings were released to mark what was dubbed “National Hangover Day”, March 18th, the day after Saint Patrick’s Day and it claims 63% of Irish people think the best cure for a hangover is a traditional Irish breakfast. Some 15% of people think Tea&Toast is a better remedy, while 13% opt for the “Hair of the Dog”  every time.

So, using myself as a test subject, I over indulged appropriately in order to conduct my own experiment – for very scientific reasons ONLY 😉 – to see if the legendary healing properties of the Full Irish can be equally beneficial to Vegans.

The Secret behind a proper Full Irish Breakfast, whether traditional or vegan, is the mastery of serving it all hot at once, and to do this well requires one of two things; either you grew up in Ireland and the skills required to cook this most popular of hangover cures are second nature, or you follow Blondie’s Simple Set of Guidelines that will relieve you of any precious brain power in your delicate state and allow you to be gently guided along this sure fire path to recovery.

It’s quite an art form to get all this ready at the same time, with hot tea and toast too, but it’s not difficult and the challenge really is worth it.

This breakfast is far from the ‘ greasy spoon’ that we imagine from our bygone Non-Vegan Days, but it is still a combination of traditional Irish ingredients and wisdom that will combine healthyliciously to have the desired effect of soothing the morning-after misery.

First of all, the quality of your raw materials makes all the difference, so choose the best ( and possibly organic) ingredients you can find!




Vine Tomatoes

Vegan Sausages (Linda McCartney’s are the best I’ve tasted and are frozen, so always on standby)





Chop potatoes into even sizes (roughly 2cm cubed) and par boil for 5-7 mins (or until slightly soft) New potatoes or other ‘waxy’ varieties work well but if you’re using Roosters or other ‘floury’ types be careful not to overdo them as they tend to fall apart!

Meanwhile, pre heat oven to 200. Once the oven is hot, put some sunflower or mixed seed oil on a baking tray and pop in the oven for a couple of mins. Once potatoes are slightly soft drain, rinse well to remove the starch then put them back in the empty pot and give them a good shake to roughen the edge for a nice crispy finish. Put in the heated baking tray, roll them in the oil and salt. Put them on the middle shelf for 20-25mins, turning once after 10 mins. At this point, you can add the whole vine tomatoes on a seperate tray into the oven also, with a dash of extra virgin olive oil.

Also at this point, pre-heat the grill to a medium heat and add the frozen vegan sausages turning regularly. Linda’s sausages take roughly 15mins or follow the instructions of other brands, remembering that TIMING IS KEY!

Slice the mushrooms and gently fry for 4-5mins in extra virgin olive oil, with a sprinkle of parsley at the end if you have it. At the same time, warm the beans in a small pot, do not let them boil! With a couple of minutes to go, put on the kettle, make some tea or coffee as you prefer. DON’T FORGET, YOU’RE HUNGOVER, SO CHECK THE SAUSAGES AND POTATOES REGULARY!

Have the bread sliced and sitting in the toaster but WAIT to put them on! Cold toast is a cardinal sin in Ireland and should be illegal everywhere so wait until everything is cooked before putting it on! Also, if you use vegan butter, it must be applied the second the toast has popped.

Everything should now be ready at the same time and this is the ultimate goal of the perfect Vegan Full Irish, so arrange on a plate and wait for the miracle cure to work its magic before retiring to the couch for the rest of the day!


Blondie’s Tip – Trust me,  the last thing you will want to do on a morning after a wild night out is to leave the house for any reason, so it’s best to plan ahead by having all the ingredients beforehand, unless of course you’re part of the 13% 😉 in which case you will be skipping breakfast and going straight back to the Pub!

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