Chapter two; one month later


So, its been 30 days since the Blondie Experiment began and due to my total lack of knowledge previously on how/where/what to buy/cook to nourish and sustain myself in a new and unfamiliar world, some of you might be surprised that I’m still here and feel optimistic enough to feel able to continue on this journey. As I already suspected, changing the habits of a lifetime is not so easy and requires a continuous conscious effort and I remind myself to be patient until the time comes when all these new choices become habit themselves. I have succeeded in some areas, failed in others, both abstained from and given into temptation, discovered many new foods I didn’t know and discarded many others I’ve always known, but I am slowly becoming more confident and comfortable with the restrictions that this experiment requires.

Another major motivating factor is that the short term benefits are already very noticeable – In general I’m feeling really good, my vitality is much improved, I have more energy for sustained periods and feel a definite holistic sense of physical, mental and spiritual well-being. Before, it was easy to use the excuse of getting older and not possessing the same vitality I once had, and therefore it was only natural to be tired more often and to not have vast reserves of energy. But I realise now, that the mind can easily conjure convenient excuses to hide the more likely reasons; that these symptoms actually arise from a poor diet and lack of proper nutrition more than anything else…Sometimes, out of convenience or laziness I’ve slipped but most of the time I’ve gone out of my way to be committed to the long term benefits of what I’m trying to do and in fact when I look back over the last 30 days or so, I am actually amazed at how far I’ve come…

First Vegan Shop

I was very proud of my first totally vegan shop from the supermarket and, with practise, I am slowly finding it easier to find things that fit into the criteria of healthy, wholesome and nutritious in areas of the supermarket rarely visited before. And here is the curious thing about navigating the multitude of aisles in search of food that is actually good for you – at every turn, the marketing machine is trying to target poor Blondie’s like me, and it is hard to not be distracted by their (scientifically-proven-to-catch-the-eye) brightly designed packaging, and I must constantly remind myself that the healthiest foods in the supermarket sit silently in the fresh produce or health food sections, mostly unadorned and as nature created them, while a few aisles over the Cocoa Puffs and Lucky Charms are screaming to me their new found “whole-grain goodness” with big graphics, colourful boxes and scientific claims…


And so, as unlikely as it may seem, I feel that I’ve managed to negotiate the first significant hurdle with some success and having taken these initial steps of being able to source the required raw materials from which to build a healthy & nutritious diet, Blondie’s next challenge will be how on earth to consistently make something nice with them;-)


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